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Crypto + CFDs
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$532190.57 contribution received
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Bit World Exchange
Why choosing us

Bit World Exchange is a blockchain based marketplace, with many new and exclusive features:

1- Hybrid (some features is centralized and decentralized database system)

2- CFD’s trading behind cryptocurrencies

3- Team trading and invest in public teams

4- Lending system backed by Cryptocurrency

5- No ban and KYC by helping supernodes and decentralized system

6- Secure ecosystem by blockchain and personal private keys

and many more features that every cryptocurrency user needs

Support countries
Support Cryptocurrency market
Support CFD and Stock market
How Forex assets & cryptocurrency revolutionize the world of exchanges
BIW Tokens
What is Bit World Coin?
Bit World (BIW) Coin is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new Bit World Exchange.

Discount in trading fees

By holding BIW in your trading account and pay fees by BIW your fees will be calculated with 30% discount

No withdrawal

Withdrawal from your BIW wallet don’t have any exchange or network transaction fee

Earn daily BIW from trading fees

you will repay 50% of your spent fees in trading by BIW token

Be supernode and earn more

Be one of our 200
supernodes and give BIW as POS and install our full node client and reward by BIW
Bit World (BIW) Token
Timeline Discount
Round 1
Dec 23, 2018 - Jan 30, 2019
1 BIW =  Token rate - 30%
Daily Reward = Unsold tokens/market-cap*90
Round 2
Jan 31, 2019 - feb 28, 2019
1 BIW =  Token rate - 20%
Daily Reward = Unsold tokens/market-cap*60
Round 3
Mar 01, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
1 BIW =  Token rate - 10%
Daily Reward = Unsold tokens/market-cap*30

For the first time in cryptocurrency market, we use an intelligence token price calculation, the price of one BIW depend on market-cap this will protect our early investor’s fund from market volatility and help us to reach our soft and hard caps.

In order to make BIW token distribution process more efficient, the BIW price will now be linked to market-cap (this price update every 10 minutes) first sale price was 0.36 USD :

1 BIW = 0.4 (+0.01) USD is NOW!
Fund distribution
  • 66 millions Token
  • 33 millions Token sale
  • 20 millions USD Hard Cap
  • 6 millions USD Soft Cap
Token distribution
  • 50% Distributed to Community & Rewards
  • 30% Reserved Funding & Rewards
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 3% Advisors
  • 8% Developers
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Aug 2018
Hybrid Exchange idea on CryptoWorld Capital Team
Sep 2018
Assign the developing and advisory team from CryptoWorld Capital
Oct 2018
Research about new features (CFDs link and decentralization)
Nov 2018
WhitePaper and ICO website
Dec 2018
Bit World Exchange ICO pre-sale
Jan 2019
BIW ICO Crowdsale start
Mar 2019
Release exchange wallet system, and start the beta version of exchange
May 2019
Initial trading, lending and team investing features launch
Jun 2019
Supernode smartcontract voting
Jul 2019
Initiate platform transaction fee distribution for supernodes through smart contracts
Dec 2019
Exchange public chain launch
for Traders
Build crypto & CFD portfolio together

Trade and hold Cryptocurrency and CFDs like oil,gold,.. in one platform

Earn BIW tokens

By holding BIW in your wallet and trading you will earn every day

Build a trading team

You can build a team trading account publically to get investment, or a private team (special withdrawal laws). Get help from automated trading app like Bitcoin code to save time and efforts. It ease the trading decision with the help of algorithms. Visit to get maximum support.

for Investors
Invest on trading teams

You can check public teams profit report and invest on teams safely. Visit to learn about automation to increase the probabilty of trading.

Proof Of Stake (POS)

By holding BIW token you get the daily reward this amount calculated by market-cap and trades’ volume on platform

Become Supernode

We share 50% of earned fee’s to our 200 supernode (top 200 BIW token holders weekly), Supernodes can earn more reward by installing our full node client cause of Proof Of Work (POW)

Our Team
Guarantee Of The Project Success
João Miguel
João Miguel
Bit World Project Manager
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Crypto World Capital
CryptoWorld Capital Team
Main investor and Developing Team
ICO Evaluated
Succesfull Projects
Years of Experience
Bit World (BIW) Coins
Frequently Questions

Bit World exchange is a cryptocurrency and CFD trading platform with unique features like semi decentralized system, full node client application, investing platform, team trading, lending and more.

BIW is a utility token for selecting supernodes, paying fees and some coming soon features, it can trade in our platform and have a POS/POW algorithm by holding BIW in your wallet you can receive daily reward and if you are a supernode and you have a full node client you can earn BIW for every transaction in our chain.

The entire Crypto World Capital team, including consultants developers and traders, is part of the project. We strive to provide the application platform as the ultimate product.

Mr. Joao Miguel member of Crypto World Capital team and is Bit World Exchange project manager and contact person of this project

As you know, the recent fluctuations in the market caused problems for investors and startup projects, which is why our advisory team, based on previous experience, offered a dynamic price offer based on the formulas of the Market cap.
This will preserve the value of investors as well as the optimal and timely implementation of the project

BIW token soft and hard cap is 5M$ / 20M$, we have 33000000 saleable tokens but ever we reach our hard-cap token sale we stop our sale and all remaining tokens transfer to our reward poll

All unsold tokens transfer to our reward poll to distribute between miners and token holders depend on chain situation.

After ICO sale end all BIW tokens withdrawable and tradable in our platform our beta platform support BIW with all our supported assets.

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